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News - 24 April 2008

Graffiti 'insurance' scheme for Newquay, Cornwall

Traders in Newquay, Cornwall will be asked to contribute to a joint scheme to erase graffiti more promptly. It's a better idea than taking traders to court to make them clean their own premises, says the Town Centre Manager.

Vandalism by graffiti taggers has become such a persistent problem in Newquay that a scheme is being set up for traders to pay into a fund which will pay for an on-call contractor to clean premises when they're hit with spray paint.

Guy Thomas, town centre manager for Newquay, has been putting the project together to combat the growing number of eyesore tags. "The idea is to get as many businesses involved as possible so they give permission for their property to be cleaned and pay into a fund. That means it can be removed very quickly rather than being left. The whole idea is to encourage traders to remove graffiti rather than punish them for not doing it. We don't want to have to go through planning law to fine people for not cleaning graffiti off their premises."

Under the scheme, each business would pay in a sum towards the contractor as a form of insurance. Then each time their premises are tagged, the contractor will quickly remove the paint. Mr Thomas added: "It's a shame we have to do this at all, but the graffiti is an ongoing problem. The feedback from businesses has generally been positive because nobody wants graffiti outside their shop."

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