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News - 12 November 2012

Police welcome faster way of dealing with offenders

A change in police legislation is set to speed up the way officers deal with offenders who have committed low-level crimes. The Police and Criminal Evidence Act (Pace) amendment is set to be introduced this month.

Prior to the changes a suspect would be arrested and taken to police cells, where they could spend several hours, meaning an officer may spend several hours away from frontline duties, queuing, interviewing and consulting the Crown Prosecution Service.

The legislation changes now mean that, if a suspect has been identified and other evidence such as forensic samples, bail conditions or property searches are not required, they do not have to be arrested and booked into custody.

Instead they can attend a voluntary attendance suite.

This means people suspected of low-level crime such as public order and low-value thefts can be interviewed under caution, without spending hours in a cell.

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